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Hair Transplant Abroad

Hair Transplant Abroad

Hair Transplant AbroadNowadays hair transplantation is popular world-wide.
A high-quality, professional hair replacement can bring amazing results.

We are proud that British-Hungarian Medical Service can welcome foreign patients with perfect professional preparedness, maximum safety and comfort, at much more competitive prices than the European average. The quality of our skilled and experienced FUE hair transplantation experts are continuously acknowledged by our satisfied clients. We use sterile devices and apply brand new needles with every single patient.

The efficiency of the FUE method is nearly 97% at our clinic. The procedure is really painless!

FUE hair transplantation

Human hair consists of small groups of single hairs. Nowadays, these natural clusters (follicular units) may be transplanted one by one as well. Thus the result will be really natural!

The name of the method is FUE, i.e. follicular unit extraction. Our doctor transplants clusters of best quality hair bulbs that will grow thick, healthy hair on the receiving site. In one to three sessions 1200-6000 single hairs can be moved. 

The ideal graft, i.e. the tissue to be transplanted contains a totally healthy follicular unit with 1-4 bulbs. The implanted bulbs integrate into the skin and within the first 2 months, as single hairs fall out, in 95% of the cases, new hair will start to grow.

The new single hairs are thicker, darker, therefore they also cover excellently. The new single hairs will appear after the third month. By the end of the first 6 months, the change will be significant and the new hair will continuously be thicker and thicker by the end of the first year.

Hair TransplantAm I a good candidate for FUE hair transplant?

If you are healthy, suffering from androgenic alopecia only, the answer is: yes.

On most people’s heads, strong, hormonally resistant hair can be found that may be transplanted onto the most problematic sites achieving good results.

Every 1000 single hairs – that were properly implanted – will produce a visible difference within one year compared to the original state.

Should you be interested in how many single hairs would we implant in your specific case and in the result that can be expected, please SEND US SOME PHOTOS AND WE WILL BE PLEASED TO ADVISE YOU.

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