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The hair transplant clinic

The International Hair Clinic was founded in 2009 with the aim to make accessible the highest quality minimal invasive hair transplantation for as many patients as possible in Hungary. We only employ skilled, well trained and experienced doctors.

The main building of the Clinic is located in a very distinguished region on outskirts of Budapest, in a beautiful, discrete environment.

We welcome our patients with air-conditioned private rest-rooms and friendly treatment rooms.

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Why should you choose our International Clinic for your hair?

  • Because we offer you real results, hygienic, legally and medically safe.
  • Because we only use new, sterile devices and destroy all used extractors and implanters after each patient, as stipulated by the manufacturers, ANTSZ and WHO.
  • These needles, like all others, are disposable, i.e. the total set is to be replaced for each new patient.
  • Because there are only experienced and skilled FUE surgeons consulting and working in our clinic, the non-existence or lack of medical responsibility and skills strongly affect the results of your treatment.
  • Because you can personally meet former patients who have been treated at our clinic and see our hair transplantation results in real time.
  • Because our photos are original and genuine
  • Because we give a written guarantee for your hair implantation.
  • Because we undertake corrections of failures caused by other clinics dealing with hair implantation.
  • Because we undertake photographic documentation of hair implantations carried out in our clinic or in other clinics.
  • Because we help represent your interests by giving advice and information

Should you have questions, please contact us in confidence. You may apply for a FREE CONSULTATION by phone on the following numbers: 0845 459 0207 or 0845 459 0204 or send an e-mail to,

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