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Thank you for choosing and putting your trust in our clinic. Our medical professionals carry out transplants in an exclusive environment using the most modern techniques so that our patients are happy and satisfied with the successful outcome post transplantation.

In our clinic, we strive to provide you with the best possible outcome using outstanding technical preparation.

Our clinic guarantees that the surgical tools used for the procedure are sterilized and disinfected according to strict medical standards to rule out any risk of transmitting infection to the patient.

We are obliged to ensure the procedures produce successful results. The transplant results are evaluated over a 12 – 18 month period. We accept that by 18 months, 97% of the implanted hair strands will grow (generally this already occurs within 12 months). We guarantee a 40%-80% success hair growth rate from the hair-implanted incisions.

We offer a written Lifetime guarantee on the treatment carried out but the guarantee will be invalidated if you do not keep in touch with us during the 18 months following the procedure (we have to receive photos of the treated area to be able to monitor the hair regrowth) or if you receive treatment from another clinic.