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Hair strand Calculator

We offer Plain & Simple prices:

You will pay per hair strand and not per graft.

Each graft is 1 follicle producing a minimum of 1 to 5 hairs.

We use the latest methods used in the industry; the 3-step FUE (Harris Safe System) which prevents damage to follicles during the process of separating the follicular unit from the surrounding donor tissue.

The benefits of FUE are:

* minimally-invasive

* scar-free technique for hair restoration

* faster healing time.


We charge £2.99 per graft. Example prices are:


One day treatment (min. 700 grafts) :       £2,093
Two day treatment (min. 1400 grafts) :     £4,186
Three day treatment (min. 2100 grafts) :  £6,279


100% satisfactory guarantee - read our guarantee conditions

If the density and size of your donor area (i.e. the area from where we remove the grafts) allows and you request us do so, (patients usually choose this option) then more grafts can be transposed per day than the figures above.