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Patient Testimonials


Hi Agnes


I was very impressed by the treatment I received from the Dr. Henrietta, Dr Orsolya, Nurse Ildiko and Martina at 'Art 4 Hair'. Throughout the surgery they provided a high level of professionalism, treatment and genuine care which made my experience quite enjoyable.

The time spent at the clinic was very relaxing and the staff there made sure that I was well looked after. The surgery was not painful at all and the doctors kept checking to see if I was okay and comfortable. I was regularly updated and informed during the treatment process. They also provided a good lunch each day and the options for listening to English radio or watch TV/DVDS so it wasn't boring, although I slept through most of it as was it was pretty relaxing.


The clinic provided a useful guideline to follow for the hours/days/weeks after the operation for optimum results and speedy healing.


Its early days to see any actual hair results (it takes about 3-6 months for noticeable results) but the quality of the grafting looks good and I am satisfied overall with the transplant surgery process conducted by the doctors. 

It's worth to note also that the price is a quite a bit less than the cost of having it done in the UK without any compromise on the quality and with a higher number of follicle transplants done.

For anyone planning to go, you can try to do as I did: go with a friend and make a mini holiday trip of it, see a new country etc. Budapest is an amazing city with so much history and culture, good food and great sightseeing opportunities.


One more positive note is the clinic arranged a taxi service everyday (at no extra cost), starting with pick up from the airport to the hotel and then to the clinic and back each day, for 3 days and back to the airport for my departure.


Overall I would say I am very happy I chose Hair Transplants Abroad (Art 4 Hair Ltd) and I'd highly recommend them.

Thank you

Andrew Harland



Aaron; UK


It's 6 months since my hair transplant with Hair Transplant Abroad, and I'm happy with the progress. I believe in crediting a good service, and so I've been meaning to write this review.
Naturally it wasn't an easy decision to have a hair transplant in the first place; there were obstacles in my mind. However, once Agnes responded to my enquiry promptly and professionally with all the information I needed, I quickly decided that I was definitely going to have a transplant, and it was going to be with this clinic. Having made this clear decision, everything else regarding the process of booking an appointment followed smoothly.
I also decided that I was going to fit this operation with a driving holiday from England to Budapest, stopping off at various cities along the way. A great way to see central Europe! I really liked Budapest. The city has a relaxing atmosphere, and the hotel I stayed at was excellent. I would like to return sometime.
One of the key things was to feel relaxed as possible during the operation itself. Mine was 3 days. After meeting the clinic staff the first morning I knew that I would be in safe hands. They are very professional and helpful. The clinic is comfortable, and a simple delicious lunch is ordered in each day.
I won't pretend that the operation itself was a complete walk in the park comfort-wise, but preparing mentally helps. There was hardly any pain, due to local anaesthetic. I could just about sense some of the hairs being transplanted, and it was a reassuring feeling. The days are long. Most of the time I was half asleep. I understood that longer hours equals more hair strands being transplanted, so being patient and collaborative with the hard working doctors was important. Magyar (Hungarian) is also a really pleasant language to listen to whilst nodding off!
As with any surgery, the recovery period is important. The clinic provides a useful guideline to follow for the hours, days, and weeks after the operation. The most difficult period was immediately following the surgery, with a degree of swelling in the recipient area and itching in the donor area. However it was visibly obvious that many hairs had been transplanted, and the short term discomfort was for the greater good. The swelling went down after a couple of days, and the itching went away after a month with the help of soothing cream.
My transplanted hair followed the expected pattern of falling out after about a month, followed by new growth a few months later. Some of the transplanted hairs that fell out haven't grown back, and that's normal, partly because I put my hair through the wringer with a combination of water sports / skiing trips.
People have noticed a difference, and I'm also pleased that it's blended well. I like it. I'm glad I invested in my hair transplant, and that I did it with Hair Transplant Abroad. I believe they provide the best value for money that could possibly be found, and recommend them wholeheartedly.
Mark H.; UK

Dear Csilla

I am very well thank you and I hope you are the same.
I would like let you know just how professional the service was I received at your clinic, from arriving at the airport, being collected and dropped off at the very modern hotel you booked for me. I was collected each morning by your taxi company and delivered to your clinic all very promptly. I was made to feel very relaxed and comfortable from the minute I arrived at the clinic. Dr Edina met me in reception showed me to the room I was allocated and went through the procedure with me to make sure I was happy with everything before starting. As you know I received a 2 day procedure and can not impress on you enough how hard Dr Edina and her assistant worked over the 2 days, I was also constantly asked if I was comfortable, and did I need to take a break or have a rest. The treatment was painless throughout and even after the local aesthetic wore off I felt little or no pain, and recovered fully after a week. It is now nearly 4 weeks since my treatment so will have to wait another 4 of 5 months until I see any results. But I am sure after how hard the doctor and the rest your staff worked I'm sure I will get great results. 
All in all I have to say the whole service from start to finish was first class, and I would have no hesitation in recommending your company.
I should also add the price I paid was a fraction of the cost for the same treatment in the UK. Saying this, the reason was not only the cost, what is more important to me is the service and standard of work. The reason I chose to go to Budapest for my hair transplant is because I travelled to Budapest 3 years ago to have major dental work, and received treatment far superior to any work I have received in the UK over the years, and again at a fraction of the cost.
Once again thank you for the first class service I received.
Kindest regards
Mark H

Michael F.; UK

I am very satisfied overall with the experience. It went very smoothly. The pickups and drop offs to and from the hotel including the airport and clinic were all timely. I was very pleased with the hotel. The staff were very friendly, helpful and polite; the room and facilities were excellent; the hotel was well situated and the breakfast was great. I would definitely stay there again and recommend it to other travellers. The staff at the clinic were also genuinely friendly and made me feel relaxed and they took great care of me. I was also extremely impressed by the surgeon Edina and her support staff. Edina is a really warm and friendly person. She put me at ease completely and instilled wonderful confidence in her abilities. At this stage I am delighted with the results and have experienced minimal pain and discomfort.

Attila 4274 count hair strand transplant

Attila's letter to Dr. Anna Dudás:
"Dear Doctor!
Several events today brought me to my keyboard :). What happened exactly was, that I had bumped into a colleague whom I had not seen for long time. During our conversation, all of a sudden, deep in thought, he stated that something is very odd about my appearance. After a long pause, he realised that my scalp does not reflect the light as it used to a year ago. At all :). Not long after that I was at my hair dresser, whom I had been loyally going to for years, told me that they never would have thought that they would see such a dramatic difference with the procedure I had done :) I just got my hands on a photo taken two days ago, at a presentation where I sit in front of the photographer. You can see my head clearly, which up until now would be a blinding reflection, but instead is a crown of black hair is the only thing in the way of a perfect photo:)))) After all this, I felt I just had to share it with you!
Thank you :D
(Attila, 37)"

Hair Tranplant before-after 1


János 2730 count hair strand transplant

Hair Tranplant before-after 2


Sam, male, 37

(A fictitious name, the patient did not agree to indicate his real name – although the letter was in fact written by him)

’’Dear Doctor,
A few events today made me sit down to the keyboard. What exactly happened is that a colleague of mine – whom I haven’t seen for ages – visited me today and while talking to each other he made a remark meditating: there was something odd about me. After a long speculation he realised that my head does not shine like a year before, when we last met. Somewhat later I went to my hairdresser, who has been dealing with my hair for ages. He told me with frank astonishment, he would have never thought that such a spectacular change may be reached by one treatment. What has put a dot on the ’i’ was a photo that had been shot 2 days earlier. It was taken at presentation, where I was sitting in front of the person who took the photo. Thus my head can be observed fairly closely; instead of the well-known glaring whiteness, a thick black crown of hair became an obstacle to the perfect photograph. After all these I felt I had to share this with you too.
Thanks: D.
Regards: Sam’’ 


Peter, male, 43
(A fictitious name, the patient did not agree to indicate his real name – although the letter was in fact written by him. The letter is rather long, with some of details omitted)

’’Dear Ann,
Thank you for your “unspoken’ question: I am perfectly well!
I promised you to write and send you my experiences in an e-mail too…

I am in trouble though how I should compose it, as I wouldn’t like to write a novel. Perhaps I
Shall try to collect the most important thoughts in one or two sentences;  I leave it to you what  you later use, you may re-write it for the sake of easier intelligibility and you may add my initials (not my full name) to certify it.
(I wrote the major points in bold, all the rest is part of my novel…)
’’During the last years I have undergone hair transplantations with FUT (strip extraction) - method 3 times. Unfortunately it has still not proved to be enough therefore I have researched other possibilities since the beginning of this year. One of the reasons why I did that was, because I was afraid of undergoing another FUT treatment, as the last one was very hard for my body to bear. Therefore I wanted to test the hair transplantation with the FUE-method, all the more so, that by this it is possible to transplant almost as many hair bulbs on one occasion as by the other method on 2-3 occasions.
Thus I started to search on the internet. I found two clinics where this method is used, but getting into personal contact with them already failed during my initial enquiries both on the net and over the phone, due to their attitude. Then I found Inthairin??? on an internet-forum. With its plentiful information and photographs, already the homepage itself inspired confidence.
I succeeded in agreeing upon a date on the first occasion by telephone. I found the possibility of a free consultation appealing without obligation and examination-fee.

I visited the clinic on a weekday-morning. On my way there I tried to overcome the nervousness I usually felt on such occasions due to the fear of the unknown.
However, at the entrance I was welcomed by a nice and smiling lady and from that point on, the examination was much more relaxed. I would not like to go into detail, as similar tasks like microscopic hair check, etc. are carried out in other clinics as well. The emphasis is on the friendly atmosphere of the consultation. They listened to the patient’s ideas and offered a proposal regarding the hair-quantity to be transplanted and its site, in order to be able to guarantee the best result. They also proved to be fair when discussing the financial conditions of the treatment, by having made a very advantageous offer compared to that of elsewhere. They also took into account the offer in their advertisement. All that further strengthened my decision and I succeeded in fixing a date on the spot for my treatment due to commence in 2 week’s time.

Then the day of the treatment arrived. Recalling the former treatments I ’armed’ myself against the expectable inconveniences.
Already well prior to the start, I was pottering about in front of the clinic, a casual observer would have the impression that I can hardly wait for the treatment!  But not at all! I admit that I was very much afraid of the procedrue, especially of the pin-pricks.
At the entrance I was welcomed by the well-known smiling lady and she guided me to the rest-room.
There I could change and we consulted about the process of the treatment. She explained everything so that my anxiety was reduced.  She was successful, not even mentioning how cautiously she was handling the needle. Considering the former occasions the pin-pricks could not be compared even to mosquito-bites either. At the former clinic I was given injections very quickly and a lot at a time. The pain made me physically very exhausted.  Here she gave me several small portions and was waiting for their effect, then she continued with the rest. She very kindly explained to me they didn’t want to cause even the slightest pain and therefore they did their best to this effect.

The treatment took two days due to the extraction and transplantation of hair bulbs, which was carried out meticulously and with great care.
The time I spent there was not exhausting or tiring, as the staff were focusing on the patient’s interests at all times.  It was possible to have a break anytime and as many times as I wished, they also provided me with lunch, and during the transplantation I could watch films.  When the team finished their job, they helped me get home by taxi (on both days).  Disregarding the situation, I almost felt like I was on holiday and I was almost sorry for not being treated on the third day.
I was continuously informed of the state of treatment and all the doctors and assistants were doing their jobs with perfect calm and enthusiasm. They made the impression of a well-knit and precise team that can satisfy anyone who undertakes to have hair transplanted IN THEIR CLINIC.
I would mention as a further positive fact that I was given medicines and appliances facilitating the earliest possible and successful recovery.
Already I experienced on the days following the treatment that I didn’t have either pains and swellings or painful strain from to the wounds. Although I had to lie carefully whilst sleeping, my resting is quiet and comfortable
All in all may I declare: I am glad that it was YOU who carried out my hair transplantation and I am confident that I will have an opportunity again ’’ to get into your hands’’.
Although everyone knows that this is a service that is being paid for,   the attitude and care shown by the team are far better than I have experienced elsewhere.
THANKS are due to you for this attitude.

I hope that it has not been tiring for you to read this.
With regards and sincerely: Peter.”


Patient 4273 count hair strand transplant

Hair Tranplant before-after 4


István 4328 count hair strand transplant

Hair Tranplant before-after 5